Crusaders Place 94 Student-Athletes on Horizon League's Spring Academic Honor Roll

Monday, July 20, 2009

Valparaiso had a conference-best 94 student-athletes honored as the Horizon League announced its 2009 Spring Academic Honor Roll, most among conference schools.  The league’s 10 institutions combined for 681 honorees.

To be eligible for the Horizon League Academic Honor Roll, student-athletes must have participated in a league sport in its most recent season, completed at least three full-time semesters at the same member institution and hold at least a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 as of June 20, 2009.

A complete list of Valpo’s 94 honorees follows.

Alex Berry                     Baseball                                             Sr.           3.387   Finance 

Brett Bivens                  Baseball                                             Jr.            3.465   Finance 

Matt Evans                   Baseball                                             Jr.            3.201   Mathematics, Secondary Education

Steve Godawa               Baseball                                             So.          3.921   Accounting          

Jon Gulbransen            Baseball                                             So.          3.735   Finance, Management

Will Hagel                     Baseball                                             So./Fr.    3.562   International Business       

Collin Johnson             Baseball                                             Sr.           3.239   Physical Education, Secondary Education

David Klein                   Baseball                                             So.          3.225   Mechanical Engineering    

Matt Lenski                   Baseball                                             Sr.           3.309   Nursing 

Damon McCormick      Baseball                                             So.          3.240   Finance 

Ryan O'Gara                  Baseball                                             So.          3.277   New-Media Journalism      

Andrew Quinnette       Baseball                                             So.          3.535   Accounting, Finance

Austen Siwiec              Baseball                                             Jr.            3.741   Mechanical Engineering    

Matt Stucky                  Baseball                                             Jr.            3.950   Finance 

Jake Diebler                   Men's Basketball                              Sr.           3.538   Marketing             

Chris Bednarczyk         Men's CC, Men's Track                   So.          3.953   Meteorology        

Justin Bui                      Men's CC, Men's Track                   So.          3.217   Computer Engineering       

Keith Button                 Men's CC, Men's Track                   So.          3.673   Mechanical Engineering    

Joel Hartenberger         Men's CC, Men's Track                   So.          3.582   Mechanical Engineering    

Richard Krupar             Men's CC, Men's Track                   Sr.           3.343   Meteorology        

Joel Mathwig                Men's CC, Men's Track                   Jr./So.     3.771   Geography           

Jordan Stanfill               Men's CC, Men's Track                   Sr.           3.207   History  

Kevin Deitsch               Men's Soccer                                    So.          3.868   Meteorology        

Jake Freisinger              Men's Soccer                                    So.          3.326   Biology, German

Yuuki Guzman               Men's Soccer                                    Sr.           3.248   International Service, Spanish

Ken Perkins                   Men's Soccer                                    So.          3.810   Finance 

Brendan Roth               Men's Soccer                                    So.          3.313   Business, Sports Management

Ryan Schwarz               Men's Soccer                                    Jr.            3.666   Finance 

Steve Shively                Men's Soccer                                    Jr.            3.263   Psychology          

Zach Stivers                  Men's Soccer                                    So.          3.460   Civil Engineering 

Blake Edwards              Men's Swimming                              Jr.            3.746   Classics, History

Toshko Ganzorigt        Men's Swimming                              So.          3.603   Finance, Accounting

Ansel Hillmer                Men's Swimming                              Sr.           3.858   Physics, Mathematics

Adam Jajtner                 Men's Swimming                              Sr.           3.204   Exercise Science  

Kurtis Malone              Men's Swimming                              So.          3.284   Meteorology        

James Shang                 Men's Swimming                              So.          3.456   Business Management, Psychology

Kyle Verage                  Men's Swimming                              Sr.           3.555   Classics

Carlton Lyons               Men's Tennis                                    So./Fr.    3.312   Political Science, Sociology

Kyle Stump                   Men's Tennis                                    So.          3.639   Mechanical Engineering    

Tom Heun                     Men's Track & Field                        Sr.           3.201   History, Secondary Education

Dustin Lawrence          Men's Track & Field                        Sr.           3.234   Political Science, New-Media Journalism

Philip Lohrmann           Men's Track & Field                        5th/Sr.    3.342   Civil Engineering, Chinese/Japanese Studies

Jarrett Mickens             Men's Track & Field                        So.          3.357   Biology 

Steve Schubert             Men's Track & Field                        So.          3.835   Civil Engineering 

Christopher Stohs        Men's Track & Field                        Jr.            3.847   History  

Lisa DeBruzzi                Softball                                              So.          3.383   Nursing 

Karen Korb                   Softball                                              Sr.           3.941   Finance, Marketing

Aubrey Sundling         Softball                                              So.          3.311   Psychology, Theology

Val Bollenbacher          Volleyball                                          Jr.            3.468   Nursing, Psychology

Katie Layman                Volleyball                                          So.          3.656   Communication Law           

Brittany Malicoat         Volleyball                                          Sr.           3.601   Art History, Public Relations

Jill Meyer                       Volleyball                                          Sr.           3.705   Art History, Public Relations

Angie Porche                Volleyball                                          Jr.            3.760   Psychology          

Allison Sears                Volleyball                                          Sr.           3.880   Elementary Education        

Katie Emig                     Women's Basketball                        Jr./So.     3.337   Marketing             

Launa Hochstetler       Women's Basketball                        Sr.           3.717   Accounting, Finance

Leah Hochstetler          Women's Basketball                        Sr.           3.794   Nursing 

Agnieszka Kulaga        Women's Basketball                        Sr.           3.911   Business Administration   

Aimee Litka                   Women's Basketball                        Sr.           3.850   Sports Administration        

Kelly Peller                    Women's Basketball                        Jr.            3.258   History, Secondary Education

Ashley Varner              Women's Basketball                        So.          3.725   Psychology          

Jorie Ballun                   Women's CC, Women’s Track       So.          3.547   Mechanical Engineering    

Alyssa Bradford           Women's CC, Women’s Track       Jr.            3.971   Exercise Science  

Lindsey Gilman             Women's Cross Country                Jr./So.     3.990   Chemistry, Mathematics

Rachel Howell               Women's Cross Country                Jr.            3.568   Mechanical Engineering    

Laura Rolf                      Women's CC, Women’s Track       Sr.           3.587   New-Media Journalism      

Windy Santa Cruz        Women's CC, Women’s Track       Jr.            3.910   Chemistry             

Caitlin Sauerhage         Women's CC, Women’s Track       Jr./So.     3.813   Psychology          

Emily Thompson          Women's CC, Women’s Track       Jr./So.     3.506   English  

Mele Cabral                   Women's Soccer                              Jr.            3.460   Social Work         

Tiffany Giusti                Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.674   Sociology             

Courtney Gwinn           Women's Soccer                              Jr./So.     3.538   Public Relations, Marketing

Jackie Kondratko         Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.946   Mechanical Engineering    

Dana McGlone             Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.363   Meteorology        

Laura Murphy              Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.525   Exercise Science  

Sammy Olson                Women's Soccer                              So./Fr.    3.455   Nursing, Spanish

Jackie Thomas              Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.900   Sports Management, Public Relations

Reva Van Aartsen        Women's Soccer                              Sr.           3.817   Mechanical Engineering    

Jessie White                 Women's Soccer                              Jr.            3.532   Biology 

Karen Berg                    Women's Swimming                        Jr.            3.382   Spanish, Secondary Education

Shaunna Dangremond                                                            Women's Swimming        So.          3.792       Finance, Spanish

Jaclyn Krause               Women's Swimming                        Jr.            3.879   Nursing, Spanish

Rachel Majercik            Women's Swimming                        Jr.            3.382   Accounting          

Kristy Shew                  Women's Swimming                        Jr.            3.872   Political Science, Theology

Elizabeth Thompson    Women's Swimming                        Jr.            3.988   Meteorology        

Christine Antrobus      Women's Tennis                              Jr./So.     3.831   Accounting          

Camill Burden               Women's Tennis                              Jr./So.     3.739   Criminology/Sociology, Psychology

Molly Keifer                  Women's Tennis                              Sr.           3.216   Accounting, Finance

Kim Sajevic                   Women's Tennis                              Sr.           3.845   Electrical Engineering         

Jenny Schwartz            Women's Tennis                              Sr.           3.524   Elementary Education        

Julie Wingstrom           Women's Tennis                              Jr.            3.602   Nursing 

Amanda Body              Women's Track & Field                  Sr.           3.267   Political Science, English

Alison Eyer                   Women's Track & Field                  So./Fr.    4.000   Spanish, Secondary Education

Julie Flowers                 Women's Track & Field                  Sr.           3.436   Music Education