Video Boards to Be Installed In Athletics-Recreation Center
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Video Boards to Be Installed In Athletics-Recreation Center

The Athletics-Recreation Center will be getting an upgrade this summer, as a YESCO four-sided ceiling hung display sign, featuring video boards on all four sides, will be installed above center court in the arena, home of Valparaiso’s men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams.

“We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our fans’ experience at basketball and volleyball games by adding video boards in the ARC,” said Valparaiso director of athletics Mark LaBarbera.  “It also marks another step forward in our commitment to continued improvements to all of our athletic facilities.”

The fixture will feature four 10MM full color video boards, with each board’s active area measuring 13’ wide by 7’7” tall (fans can right-click on the image to the right and select 'View Image' to see the board's full dimensions).  In addition, the corners will contain four back-lit display panels for advertising, while there will also be an additional illuminated sign panel on the underside of the display with McDonald’s messaging.  Also as part of the project, modifications will be made to improve the sound system in the arena.

The video screen system used in the new scoreboard represents the finest in new video display technology.  It uses a unique product called Surface Mount device (SMD), which packages three Light Emitting Diodes into an opaque wafer for best color representation and viewing angle.  The SMD video screen technology represents the cutting-edge in the indoor video screen industry today.

The Valparaiso display will be produced by YESCO Electronics, LLC, a wholly owned division of Young Electric Sign Company, a 92-year-old display manufacturing firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The company became famous for its production of spectacular digital displays in Las Vegas, Nev.  Currently, YESCO Electronics is the largest supplier of digital displays to the casino industry as well as the outdoor advertising industry.  YESCO is the only manufacturer in the United States that designs, assembles, sells, installs, creates content for and services our displays all under one roof.  YESCO has made true turn-key systems in the world of electronic displays a reality.