117 Crusaders Earn Spots on HL Academic Honor Roll
Thursday, January 23, 2014
117 Crusaders Earn Spots on HL Academic Honor Roll

Valparaiso student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom, as 117 Crusaders earned a spot on the Horizon League Fall 2013 Academic Honor Roll, as released today by the league office.  The 117 honorees marked the most the Crusaders have had in a single semester since joining the league.

In all, 781 student-athletes were named to the Fall Academic Honor Roll, with the 117 representatives from Valpo marking the second-most from any league institution, trailing just Oakland’s 120 honorees.  Candidates for the Honor Roll must meet three criteria in order to qualify: 1) participation in at least one of the League’s 19 sports during the most recent (or current) season; 2) completion of three semesters as a full-time student at the same member institution; and 3) a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.20 (on a 4.00 scale).

Horizon League Academic Honor Roll
Name GPA Year Major Sport
Ellis Foreman 3.33 So./Fr. Chemistry Baseball
Trevor Haas 3.28 So.   Mechanical Engineering Baseball
Bryce Hara 3.76 Sr. Sports Management Baseball
Scott Jerge 3.48 So.   Finance Baseball
Sean Kennedy 3.46 5th/Sr. Chemistry Baseball
Karch Kowalczyk 3.49 5th/Sr. Biology; Chemistry Baseball
Dalton Lundeen 3.43 So. Marketing; Business Management Baseball
Ben Mahar 3.22 Jr. History; Secondary Education Baseball
Cole Webb 3.69 Sr. Finance Baseball
Bryce Yoder 3.84 So. Mechanical Engineering Baseball
Grant Yoder 3.53 Jr./So. Exercise Science Baseball
Bobby Capobianco 3.40 5th/Sr. Sports Media (master's) Men's Basketball
David Chadwick 3.64 Sr./Jr. Business Management Men's Basketball
Vashil Fernandez 3.25 Jr. International Business Men's Basketball
Eric Loria 3.57 Jr. Electrical Engineering Men's Cross Country; Men's Track and Field
Trace Ostergren 3.45 Jr. International Business; Chinese and Japanese Studies Men's Cross Country; Men's Track and Field
David Rutkowski 3.75 Jr. Mechanical Engineering Men's Cross Country; Men's Track and Field
Michael Salguero 4.00 Sr. Civil Engineering Men's Cross Country; Men's Track and Field
Joe Harris 3.81 Jr. Accounting Men's Golf
Ryan Heck 3.94 So./Fr. Chemistry; Biology Men's Golf
Kyle Henning 3.82 Sr. Civil Engineering Men's Golf
Michael Holevas 3.29 So. Business Management Men's Golf
Jared Magoline 3.47 Jr./So. Biology; Pre-Med Men's Golf
Matt Ward 3.32 So. Sports Management Men's Golf
Thomas Wettstein 3.74 Sr. Finance Men's Golf
Eric Winters 3.82 Jr. Finance Men's Golf
Ben Burnett 3.55 Sr. International Economics & Cultural Affairs; Spanish Men's Soccer
Luke Dunn 3.58 Sr./Jr. History; Secondary Education Men's Soccer
Patrick McNulty 3.45 So. Political Science Men's Soccer
Doug Petersen 3.35 Jr. Nursing Men's Soccer
Tom Serratore 3.75 Sr./Jr. Physical Education; Secondary Education Men's Soccer
Nick Suker 3.77 Jr. Political Science Men's Soccer
Zev Taublieb 3.76 Jr. Communication Men's Soccer
Jacob Unger 3.90 Jr. Exercise Science Men's Soccer
Todd Vervynckt 3.99 Sr. Mechanical Engineering Men's Soccer
Zane Wold 3.68 Jr. Marketing Men's Soccer
Fernando Aguilar 3.47 Jr. Mechanical Engineering Men's Swimming
Alec Domjan 3.81 So. Psychology Men's Swimming
Cody Jones 3.62 So. Accounting; Mathematics Men's Swimming
Brian Hickey 3.43 So. Marketing; Business Management Men's Tennis
Eric Honert 3.92 Sr. Mechanical Engineering Men's Tennis
Daniel Oakes 3.62 So. Business Management Men's Tennis
Michael Savaglio 3.62 So. Exercise Science Men's Tennis
Drew Baker 3.26 Jr. Biology Men's Track and Field
Josh Carow 3.23 Jr. Mechanical Engineering Men's Track and Field
Mickey Delcambre 3.90 Jr. Electrical Engineering Men's Track and Field
Jacob Frey 3.68 Jr. Civil Engineering Men's Track and Field
Jeremy Getz 3.69 Jr. Public Relations Men's Track and Field
Christopher Sosnowski 3.92 So. Finance Men's Track and Field
Justin Zosso 3.22 So. Sociology Men's Track and Field
Jessica Carr 3.30 Jr. Business Management Women's Basketball
Jessi Wiedemann 3.69 So. Business Management Women's Basketball
Claire Johnson 3.87 Sr. International Economics & Cultural Affairs; German Women's Cross Country; Women's T&F
Jessica Richardson 3.88 Jr. Economics; Mathematics Women's Cross Country; Women's T&F
Sophia Robinson 3.56 So. Biology; Chemistry Women's Cross Country; Women's T&F
Hannah Schilling 3.59 So. Nursing Women's Cross Country; Women's T&F
Grace Shemwell 3.37 Sr. Philosophy; English Women's Cross Country; Women's T&F
Annie Gaugert 3.42 So. Physical Education; Secondary Education Women's Golf; Women's Track and Field
Sibil Gill 3.39 So. Biology; Chemistry Women's Golf  
Michelle Kleckner 3.97 Sr. Mathematics Women's Golf
Olivia McCormick 3.78 So. Business   Women's Golf
Erika Pfaender 3.63 Sr. Psychology; Communication Women's Golf
A.J. Selig 3.51 Jr. Public Relations Women's Golf
Kelly Voigt 3.40 Sr. Physical Education; Secondary Education Women's Golf
Hailey Chmela 3.54 Sr. Elementary Education Women's Soccer
Taylor Colliau 3.88 So./Fr. International Business; Finance Women's Soccer
Rita Craven 3.95 So. Biology Women's Soccer
Kelsey Draper 3.86 Jr. Biology Women's Soccer
Tara Ellis 3.33 Sr. Biology Women's Soccer
Jenny Fassbinder 3.92 So. Biology Women's Soccer
Lauren Gagnon 3.32 Sr. Nursing Women's Soccer
Abby Kenyon 3.98 Jr. Meteorology; Mathematics Women's Soccer; Women's Track and Field
Sarrah Ludwig 3.48 So. Exercise Science Women's Soccer
Kristen Manski 3.75 Sr. Psychology Women's Soccer
Shelby Oelschlager 3.36 So./Fr. Nursing Women's Soccer
Erika Schoemann 3.43 Jr. Marketing; Sports Management Women's Soccer
Amanda Ulin 3.95 Sr. Biology Women's Soccer
Kristen Warner 3.94 Jr. Biology Women's Soccer
Janelle Bouchard 3.47 So. Elementary Education Softball
Angie Doerffler 3.74 Sr. Political Science; Mathematics Softball
Amanda Korb 3.59 Sr. Elementary Education Softball
Ashlyn Michalak 3.28 Sr. Business Management Softball
Lindsey Norway 3.33 Sr. Accounting Softball
Sierra Pico 3.50 So. Nursing Softball
Kimberlin Wallace 3.43 Sr. Exercise Science Softball
Taylor Weissenhofer 3.49 So. Actuarial Science Softball
Andrea Bretl 3.93 Sr. Psychology Women's Swimming
Makenna Cannon 3.44 Jr. English Women's Swimming
Alex Caruthers 3.74 Jr. Meteorology; Mathematics Women's Swimming
Laura Fowler 3.56 Jr. Marketing; Business Management Women's Swimming
Katie Meunier 3.43 Sr. Nursing Women's Swimming
Katrina Peters 3.33 Sr. Nursing Women's Swimming
Anne Rowley 3.59 So. Civil Engineering Women's Swimming
Michaeline Spencer 3.26 So. Psychology Women's Swimming
Ali Taubert 3.60 Sr. Communication Women's Swimming
Megan Barthels 3.70 Jr. Nursing Women's Tennis
Michele Fredlake 3.40 Jr. English Women's Tennis
Angelina Goheen 3.46 Jr. Social Work; Psychology Women's Tennis
Kristin Zakiewicz 3.63 Sr. Marketing; Communication Women's Tennis
Malea Buck 3.45 Jr. Nursing Women's Track and Field
Ann Chapman 3.65 So. Physics Women's Track and Field
Erica Funk 3.33 Sr. Nursing Women's Track and Field
Brooke Hinstorff 3.39 Jr. Nursing Women's Track and Field
Haley Just 4.00 Jr. Elementary Education Women's Track and Field
Sarah Peters 3.25 So. Nursing Women's Track and Field
Jazmin Taylor 3.24 Jr. Chemistry; Secondary Education Women's T&F; Women's Basketball
Kelli Wosick 3.81 Jr. English; Secondary Education Women's Track and Field
Nicole Zehel 3.36 Sr. Nursing Women's Track and Field
Morgan Beil 3.56 Jr. Elementary Education Volleyball
Kelsey Berrington 3.52 So. Elementary Education Volleyball
Sarah Chrabaszcz 3.97 Sr. Biology; Chemistry Volleyball
Sarah Dooms 3.82 Sr. Communication Volleyball
Lindsey Hauch 3.67 Sr./Jr. Nursing Volleyball
Janelle Hobbs 3.80 Sr. Mathematics; Secondary Education Volleyball