110 Valpo Student-Athletes Named to Horizon League Academic Honor Roll
Friday, January 27, 2017
110 Valpo Student-Athletes Named to Horizon League Academic Honor Roll

Valparaiso University student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom, as 110 Crusaders earned a spot on the Horizon League Fall 2016 Academic Honor Roll, as released today by the league office.

In all, 984 student-athletes were named to the Spring Academic Honor Roll, with the 110 representatives from Valpo ranking third among league institutions.

Candidates for the Honor Roll must meet three criteria in order to qualify: 1) participation in at least one of the League’s 19 sports during the most recent (or current) season; 2) completion of three semesters as a full-time student at the same member institution; and 3) a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.20 (on a 4.00 scale).

Sport  Name Year GPA Major(s)
Baseball Jake Hanson R-Sr. 3.575 Business Administration (master's)
Baseball Ellis Foreman R-Sr. 3.539 Chemistry
Baseball Nate Palace Sr. 3.500 Sociology
Baseball Montana Quigley So. 3.420 Business  
Baseball Alex Dirienzo Jr. 3.288 Sociology and Criminology
Baseball Giovanni Garbella Jr. 3.287 Finance
Baseball Luke VanLanen Jr. 3.245 Mathematics
Men's Basketball Alec Peters Sr. 3.533 Sports Administration
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Adam Bruno Sr. 3.934 History; Secondary Education
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Jesse Greenhagen Sr. 3.783 Mechanical Engineering
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Tim Zange R-Fr. 3.646 Mechanical Engineering
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Sidney Noble Jr. 3.633 Geography
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Max Morello Sr. 3.607 Sports Management
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Alexander Bruno So. 3.506 Mathematics
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Tyler Grimes So. 3.464 Biology
Men's Cross Country/Track and Field Dan Walters Sr. 3.230 Accounting
Men's Golf Nick Seitz Sr. 4.000 Biology; Chemistry
Men's Golf Mitchell Wittmann So. 3.959 Finance
Men's Golf Michael Kinsella R-Jr. 3.886 Finance
Men's Golf Michael Doherty Jr. 3.774 Finance
Men's Golf Adam Baracani R-Jr. 3.745 Marketing
Men's Golf Zach Cutler Jr. 3.390 Exercise Science
Men's Golf Peter Webb Sr. 3.345 Marketing
Men's Soccer Suleiman Thomas Sr. 3.900 Business Administration; Digital Media
Men's Soccer John Doss R-Fr. 3.891 Physician's Assistant
Men's Soccer Deven Mason Sr. 3.729 Exercise Science
Men's Soccer Jacob Pesek R-Fr. 3.616 Business
Men's Soccer Adrian Graham Sr. 3.566 International Economics and Finance (master's)
Men's Soccer Bradley Brack R-Fr. 3.400 Accounting
Men's Swimming Christopher Bean So. 3.764 Secondary Education
Men's Swimming Robert Bretl So. 3.700 History; Secondary Education
Men's Swimming Grant Girten Jr. 3.510 Actuarial Science
Men's Swimming Cody Jones Sr. 3.405 Finance
Men's Swimming Arman Salim Sr. 3.387 Biochemistry
Men's Swimming Ethan Leach Sr. 3.278 Communication
Men's Tennis Jeffrey Schorsch Sr. 3.870 Geography
Men's Tennis Kyle Dunn Sr. 3.738 Biology; Chemistry
Men's Tennis Dave Bacalla Sr. 3.412 Business Management
Men's Track and Field Keith Nagel So. 3.893 Geography
Men's Track and Field Hector Reyes Figueroa So. 3.881 Mathematics
Men's Track and Field Connor Hickey So. 3.838 Civil Engineering
Men's Track and Field Montel Hall Jr. 3.804 Finance
Men's Track and Field Peter Rhodes So. 3.676 Mechanical Engineering
Men's Track and Field Andrew Guzek Jr. 3.640 Business Management
Men's Track and Field Thomas Schuessler So. 3.637 Computer Science
Men's Track and Field Joshua Yonker So. 3.534 Business
Men's Track and Field Anthony Franze Sr. 3.492 Meteorology
Men's Track and Field Leland Robertson So. 3.486 Psychology
Men's Track and Field Austin Henkel So. 3.224 Mechanical Engineering
Men's Track and Field Andrew McKissick So. 3.223 Business Management
Women's Basketball Haylee Thompson R-Sr. 3.900 Digital Media (master's)
Women's Basketball Dani Franklin Jr. 3.507 Elementary Education
Women's Basketball Meredith Hamlet So. 3.438 Exploratory
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field Emma Chelsvig So. 3.980 Geography
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field Kim Heiny Jr. 3.911 Finance
Women's Cross Country  Grace Nelson Sr. 3.673 Art, History and Museum Studies
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field Liz Owen Sr. 3.630 Theology and Ministry
Women's Cross Country/Track and Field Tori Tamburrino Sr. 3.563 Biology; Secondary Education
Women's Golf Madison McCreary So. 3.613 Elementary Education
Women's Golf Katie Willenbrink Jr. 3.504 Physics
Women's Golf Angie Kim Sr. 3.400 Marketing
Women's Golf Sydney Shrum Sr. 3.358 Marketing
Softball Jorgi Calombaris Sr. 3.695 Elementary Education
Softball Carly Trepanier So. 3.626 Nursing
Softball Sam Stewart Sr. 3.298 Nursing
Softball Lanie Callaghan Jr. 3.265 Nursing
Softball Jenna Stauffenberg Jr. 3.258 Nursing
Women's Soccer Grace Rogers Jr. 4.000 Actuarial Science; Business Analytics
Women's Soccer Vanesa Abad Sr. 3.937 Nursing
Women's Soccer Eva Schneider So. 3.830 Nursing
Women's Soccer Kelsie Bolerjack Sr. 3.797 Marketing; Sports Management
Women's Soccer Caitlyn Oliver So. 3.745 Physician's Assistant
Women's Soccer Cory Griffith So. 3.712 Marketing
Women's Soccer Kelsey Jahn So. 3.634 Nursing
Women's Soccer Ava Porlier R-Fr. 3.617 Biology
Women's Soccer Danielle DeSciscio Sr. 3.604 Psychology
Women's Soccer Natalia Kontul R-Fr. 3.543 Physican's Assistant
Women's Soccer April Cronin Sr. 3.537 Elementary Education
Women's Soccer Krista Carlson Sr. 3.519 Biology
Women's Soccer Robin Wenzel Sr. 3.446 Psychology
Women's Soccer Jordon Tindell R-So. 3.395 Geography
Women's Soccer Drew Moulton So. 3.352 Communication
Women's Soccer Sydney Gountounas Jr. 3.333 Biology
Women's Soccer Lily Chetosky R-So. 3.332 Finance
Women's Soccer Tess Barrett R-Fr. 3.269 Nursing
Women's Swimming Casey Main So. 3.854 Mechanical Engineering
Women's Swimming Vincenza Zaia Jr. 3.540 Spanish
Women's Swimming Rachel Law Sr. 3.340 Mechanical Engineering
Women's Swimming Betsy Pogue So. 3.245 Elementary Education
Women's Tennis Erin Staal Jr. 3.914 Elementary Education
Women's Tennis Morgan Paras Sr. 3.829 Elementary Education
Women's Tennis Kathleen Hebble Sr. 3.728 Biology
Women's Tennis Randi Wind So. 3.641 Physical Education; Teacher's Education
Women's Tennis Paige Heuer Sr. 3.452 Accounting
Women's Tennis Meg Modesto So. 3.428 Communication
Women's Track and Field Allison Baylor Jr. 3.951 Exercise Science
Women's Track and Field Janelle Wigal Jr. 3.829 Electrical Engineering
Women's Track and Field Nellie Bonham So. 3.704 English; Secondary Education
Women's Track and Field Chidimma Ozodi So. 3.702 Nursing
Women's Track and Field Lindsey Arndt So. 3.379 Mathematics
Volleyball Allison Ketcham Jr. 3.989 Exercise Science
Volleyball Katherine Carlson So. 3.922 Business Management; Sports Management
Volleyball Rachel Bruinsma Sr. 3.754 Biology
Volleyball Kayla Currier R-So. 3.742 Biology
Volleyball Jamie Lacheta Sr. 3.703 Biology
Volleyball Sydney Bronner So. 3.631 Elementary Education
Volleyball Morganne Longoria Sr. 3.410 Sports Management
Volleyball Lizzie Zaleski So. 3.410 Nursing
Volleyball Emily Campbell Sr. 3.325 Health Care Leadership
Volleyball Tarrah Lasky Sr. 3.273 Communication