Fall World Series Begins Saturday Morning
Friday, October 10, 2014
Fall World Series Begins Saturday Morning

Baseball's 2014 Fall World Series is slated to begin Saturday morning at 10 am at Emory G. Bauer Field. The three-game series represents the conclusion of organized fall on-field team activities.

The clubs were handpicked by seniors via a snake draft. Mark Johnson and Zack Walsh selected for one side while Spencer Mahoney and Ben Mahar chose the opposing team.

Accompanying Johnson and Walsh are Dustin Beasley, JP Paciocco, Jeff Edwards, Jason Condit, Luke Syens, Emerson Misch, Ray Bartolomucci, Trevor Haas, Connor Kaucic, Drew Hasler, Mario Losi, Chad Jacob, Scott Jerge, Kyle Schneider, and Jake Hanson. 

Representing the other squad is Max Novak, Giovanni Garbella, Mahoney, Daniel Delaney, Nolan Lodden, Ryan Fritze, Nate Palace, Mahar, Bryce Yoder, Shea Molitor, Ellis Foreman, Joshua Clark, Grant Yoder, Ethan Gasbarro, Chet Joslyn, Luke VanLanen, and Dalton Lundeen.

Losi and Lundeen will take the mound for their respective teams in Game 1.

Pending weather, Games 2 and 3 (if necessary) will be held Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Head coach Brian Schmack and assistant coach Ben Wolgamot exuded confidence in Mahoney and Mahar's club during the team's pre-World Series workouts, as both forecasted a two-game sweep. 

"This series will come down to the bats and they'll rise to the occasion," Schmack opined.

The assurance wasn't unanimous, however.

Assistant coach Adam White and volunteer assistant Nic Mishler predicted strong defensive play will prevail for Johnson and Walsh's team in a series that will go the distance.

"The key to this series is in the middle of the field, and their (Johnson and Walsh's) team has been far more consistent this fall," White remarked.