Former Valpo GA Hartfield Working in Rockets Organization
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Former Valpo GA Hartfield Working in Rockets Organization
Dan Hartfield is now working in the Houston Rockets organization. (Ray Acevedo)

Dan Hartfield, who spent last season as a graduate assistant coach with the Valparaiso men’s basketball program, has moved on to the NBA’s Houston Rockets, where he is currently working as the team’s Basketball Operations Intern for Advance Scouting.

In his position with the Rockets, Hartfield works with Head Video Coordinator John Cho and Assistant Video Coordinator Jimmy Paulis on the team’s advance scouting.  Hartfield is responsible for taking game film from each opponent’s last four games and breaking it down for use in developing each game plan.  He also works with Assistant Coach and Advance Scout Pat Zipfel, who travels two days ahead of the Rockets’ schedule to create detailed scouting reports on each opponent.

While he doesn’t travel with the team, Hartfield will be actively involved in each of Houston’s 82 games this season.  He will work with a group of eight others tracking non-box score stats during the Rockets’ games.