Bob Brooks

Director of Sports Performance

Volleyball, Men's Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Softball

Gabe Miller

Associate Director of Sports Performance

Football, Women's Basketball

Vijay Blackmon

Assistant Athletic Performance Coach

Men's Basketball

Ryan Nocero

Assistant Athletic Performance Coach

Soccer, Women's Golf, Football



The Valparaiso University Strength and Conditioning Department utilizes a detailed and multifaceted approach for developing the physiological and psychological components of athletic performance and injury risk reduction for our student athletes. This is achieved through training that is ground based, multi-joint, three dimensional, and always backed by scientific principles.


  • Fundamental – We believe staying rooted in the fundamentals of training and possessing an overall brilliance at the basics is what lays the foundation for optimal player development.
  • Competent – Our staff constantly seeks continued education and maintains a growth mindset. This keeps us competent in our duties and allows us to be on the cutting edge of performance enhancement.
  • Detailed – By being detail oriented in all that we do, we assure that all aspects of player development are addressed.  
  • Disciplined – Discipline is a positive quality that drives daily decision making to stay on the path of growth and success. Our staff displays discipline in all aspects of our profession, which transcends onto our athletes as they develop as young men and women.


Here at Valparaiso University our sports nutrition is a critical area that allows us to optimize the effects of our training. We have several refueling stations that are regularly stocked with excellent choices for before, during, and after training, practice, or competition.

Quality Nutritional Habits Lead To:

  • Improved recovery from training.
  • Increased energy and focus.
  • Decreased incidence and severity of injury and illness.

The Pillars of Valparaiso University Sports Nutrition:

  1. Consistency: Quality nutritional choices made consistently over time will lead to significant body composition improvements.
  2. Education: We find value in educating our athletes to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits for the long term.
  3. Performance: We promote an "Eat to Train" mentality. The better we fuel our bodies, the better we will be able to perform in training and competition.