Valpo Athletics Donation Requests

Valparaiso University is an NCAA Division I institution as well as a non-profit educational institution.  We welcome donation requests from a variety of organizations and individuals, but would like to let our fans know that there are limits to the items that we can provide and who we can provide them to.

Valparaiso University Athletics Policy for Donation Requests
  • NCAA rules prohibit Valparaiso University and its coaches from make any donations to any program that will benefit directly or indirectly athletics programs for individuals who have started classes for the ninth grade.
  • Valparaiso University will not fulfill requests for donations of season ticket packages or ticket requests for multiple games.
  • Donated items may only be used for the promotion or fundraising of non-profit or educational institutions.  Donated items are prohibited from being used for advertising in conjunction with a corporate or for-profit organization.
  • When requesting items to be signed by coaches or student-athletes, the item must be provided by the requester.
  • Any items signed by student-athletes or coaches for personal use will be personalized.
  • Any items signed by a student-athlete may not be sold.
  • Donation requests will be fulfilled only if tickets or items are available.  Due to a very limited supply of items, Valparaiso University may not be able to fulfill all requests and will do so at its discretion.
If you or your organization meet the policies outlined above, we encourage you to complete the form below.  For any questions regarding the policies above, please contact