The #oneVALPO Promise

I recognize that words on a page alone will not create a lasting change, but as a symbol of my intent to participate, I am making this promise.

To show respect for all others regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability, or mental ability.

To do the work of intentional self-reflection, examine my world view, challenge my biases, and to educate myself on ideas, beliefs, cultures, and life experiences that are different from my own.

To listen with empathy, share with vulnerability, and act with compassion to create a community of belonging. To actively engage with issues of social justice, and to use my strengths, my means, and my voice to work on behalf of positive change. To stand against prejudice, bigotry, and racism, and to stand for kindness, fairness, and equity. To remember that we are in this together, all of us, and our true power is found both in our differences and in our unity.

We are ONE.
One Team. One Community. One People.

"I Still Promise" PDF presentation

History of the #oneVALPO Promise

Valpo Athletics unveiled its reimagined #oneVALPO promise, the product of the department’s “I Still Promise” initiative, in February 2021.

The #oneVALPO initiative was created by former Valpo men’s soccer head coach Mike Avery and his program in response to members of the team being subjected to racial slurs during a nonconference game in 2013.

Now, the Valpo Athletics family engaged in meaningful, productive and respectful discussions to develop a reinvigorated message that provides clarity, comfort and a purposeful move to combine action with celebration and education.

The process included input from student-athletes, coaches, administrators and other staff members and was facilitated by Avery.