Beacon and Blaze are available for personal appearances on and off campus, including community events and other functions.


  • Requests must be received a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date
  • A private and secure changing room is required
    • Public changing rooms unless secured by event staff must be avoided
  • The Beacon and Blaze costumes will not be loaned or rented
  • An event should provide a staff member to assist and water must be provided
  • Appearances will not last longer than 1.5 hours unless special circumstances are approved
  • Beacon and Blaze may not be available at outdoor events during inclement weather
  • Parking must be provided for any events that requires transportation from the Valpo campus
  • You will be notified approximately 2 weeks prior to your event if your event has been approved or cannot be accommodated. The availability of athletic events and student schedules could cause a delay in confirmation.
  • All appearances are based on availability

Please fill out the below form and a representative from Valpo Athletics will respond regarding availability.