The Valparaiso University baseball program has produced numerous players who have gone on to continue their baseball careers at the professional level. Former Valpo star Lloyd McClendon is the school's most noteworthy baseball alum, as he played in 570 big league games over eight seasons and has spent seven seasons as a big league manager. In recent years, Valpo's program has churned out numerous players who have gone on to compete professionally.

Drew Hasler has reached as high as Triple-A. Photo by James Geiser/W-S Dash.

Here's a rundown of active and retired Valpo alums who have played professionally.

Active Valpo Alums (highest level reached)

Karch Kowalczyk - Triple-A

Scott Kapers - Triple-A

Jake Miller - Class-A

Chase Dawson - Independent 

Colin Fields

Montana Quigley - Independent

Retired Valpo Alums (highest level reached)

Lloyd McClendon - MLB (Cincinnati Reds/Chicago Cubs/Pittsburgh Pirates)

Drew Hasler - Triple-A

Eric Millholland - Triple-A

Kyle Gaedele - Double-A 

Jamie Sykes - Double-A

Ryan Fritze - Class-A Advanced

Dallas Cawiezell - Class-A Advanced 

Tanner Vavra - Class-A Advanced

Richard O'Connor - Class-A Advanced

Justin Craker - Class-A Advanced

Bryce Shafer - Single-A 

Bo McClendon - Single-A

Brian O'Connor - Single-A

Bryce Shafer - Single-A

Angus Roy - Single A

Adam Knobel - Single-A

Brian Wolotka - Single-A

Tim Holmes - Single-A

Mickey Scala - Single-A

Spencer Mahoney - Rookie 

Dalton Lundeen - Rookie

Mason Linderbaum - Rookie

Troy Garrett - Rookie 

Jon Gulbransen - Rookie

Bob Jenkins - Rookie

Chris DeBoo - Independent

Chase Dawson - Independent

Tyler Deetjen - Independent

Billy Finn - Independent

Kyle Muhlsteff - Independent

Matt Soderlund - Independent

Kyle Wormington - Independent

Zach Rodeghero - Independent

Kevin Rainford - Independent

Sean Galiher - Independent

Nick Mazzone - Independent

Kevin  Perri - Independent

Rob Rabakozi - Independent

Brian Rzepka - Independent

Jordan Smolar - Independent

Tom Starck - Independent


Scott Kapers - 2018, 17th Round, Texas Rangers 

Dalton Lundeen - 2016, 30th, Detroit Tigers

Drew Hasler - 2015, 34th, Chicago White Sox

Karch Kowalczyk - 2014, 37th, Los Angeles Dodgers

Tanner Vavra - 2013, 30th, Minnesota Twins 

Kyle Gaedele - 2011, 6th, San Diego Padres

Bo McClendon - 2010, 39th, Detroit Tigers

Bryce Shafer - 2010, 49th, Chicago Cubs

Dallas Cazwiezell - 2007, 40th, Cleveland Indians

Brian Wolotka - 2001, 24th, Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Brian O'Connor - 1999, 24th, Houston Astros

Bob Jenkins - 1998, 42nd, Cincinnati Reds

Jamie Sykes - 1997, 11th, Arizona Diamondbacks

Richard O'Connor - 1995, 34th, Philadelphia Phillies

Tim Holmes - 1987, 35th, Pittsburgh Pirates

Eric Milholland - 1985, 11th, Chicago White Sox

Lloyd McClendon - 1980, 8th, New York Mets