Valpo Baseball Team Makes World Series Predictions
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Valpo Baseball Team Makes World Series Predictions

With the World Series set to begin on Tuesday night in Cleveland, it’s time for the Valparaiso University baseball team to weigh in. Members of the 2017 Crusaders offer their prognostication of what will unfold this week between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs.

RHP Josh Sidney
Class: Freshman
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Prediction: Cubs in six 

C Scott Kapers
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Schererville, Ind.
Prediction: “Cubs in six. The Cubs have more swag, talent and drive to win, I believe." 

RHP Easton Rhodehouse
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Gilbert, Ariz.
Prediction: “Indians in six because the bullpen is going to carry them when the starting pitching struggles, and they know how to manufacture runs.” 

RHP Grant Inman
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Ind.
Prediction: “Cubs in seven. Too good of teams to do anything but go seven games. Schwarber is back, so that’s why they will win.” 

RHP Alex Dirienzo
Class: Junior
Hometown: Somerset, Pa.
Prediction:  “Indians in seven. It’s going to be a well-fought series by both teams, but the Tribe is going to come out on top. The Cubs have had a great season, but their luck is about to run out. Lebron and the boys set the tone for Believeland earlier this year, and now it’s time for the Indians to get the job done.” 

INF Nate Palace
Class: Senior  
Hometown: Westlake Village, Calif.
Prediction:  “Cubs in six. They have more depth and three solid starters that will show up. It’s a sad, unfortunate reality.” 

RHP Montana Quigley
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: Lake Forest, Calif.
Prediction:  “Indians in four, because the Cubs are going to crumple under pressure.” 

OF James Stea
Class: Senior  
Hometown: Los Alamitos, Calif.
Prediction: “Cubs in six, as much as it kills me to say it. They are a well-rounded team that plays with heart and simply knows how to win games.” 

OF Riley Dent
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
Prediction:  “Indians will win in five because sleepers always win and when great things are supposed to happen like the Cubs breaking their curse, they will choke.” 

C Jake Hanson
Class: RS-Senior
Hometown: Yorkville, Ill.
Prediction:  “Cubs in six. This is not a prediction, it’s what is going to happen. 

INF Sam Shaikin
Class: Sophomore
Hometown: West Hills, Calif.
Prediction:  “Cubs in five. First, when the teams play Game 1 it will only be the fifth time in 15 days that the Indians have played, even though they may be rested, they are going to be rusty. The Cubs on the other hand are coming into the World Series on a high after finding their bats again in Game 4 of the NLCS. The Cubs rotation and back end of the bullpen will be too much for the Indians to handle.” 

RHP Garrett Hill
Class: Freshman
Hometown: San Marino, Calif.
Prediction:  Cubs in six. 

OF Giovanni Garbella
Class: Junior
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Prediction: “Cleveland in five. Why? Andrew Miller.”   

RHP Jon Tieman
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Crystal Lake, Ill.
Prediction:  “Indians in seven because Believeland.” 

RHP Wes Gordon
Class: Junior
Hometown: Gurnee, Ill.
Prediction:  Cubs in five. 

LHP Chet Joslyn
Class: RS-Junior
Hometown: Battle Creek, Mich.
Prediction: “Chicago wins the first game in Cleveland, but their fans come back to support their team in the second (and what will be final) game in Cleveland. The Cubs will then go on to sweep at home and win the World Series in five games in dramatic fashion, surging of precision pitching and crowd electricity.” 

LHP Michael Mommersteeg
Class: Freshman
Hometown: St. Thomas, Ont., Canada
Prediction: “Cubs in five, baby.” 

RHP Jake Larson
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Irvine, Calif.
Prediction:  Cubs in six 

RHP Michael Hardtke
Class: Freshman
Hometown: Mission Viejo, Calif.
Prediction: “Cubs in six because Kyle Schwarber is the Goat.” 

INF Chad Jacob
Class: Junior
Hometown: Irvine, Calif.
Prediction: “Indians in seven. The Indians are probably the hottest team. They play more home games this series and open up in Cleveland. Cubs won't score any runs off their bullpen. Indians can also expose Lester with exactly what the Dodgers did and that's their best pitcher. Aroldis has given up way too many runs.”

RHP Luke VanLanen
Class: Junior
Hometown: Pulaski, Wis.  
Prediction:  “Cubs in six, because they have the hardest throwing closer in the league.”